The full map will be posted to the main thread each turn.

On turn 1, players will be dropped in random locations across the map. Some players may start on the same tile.

Player locations will be shown as the number of players on each tile. If there are 10 or more players on a tile, it will be shown as a plus sign (+).

Additionally, the map will be gradually reduced in size due to a harmful force field placed on outer tiles. The turn before this happens, the tiles affected will be shaded on the map. The placement of the field will be randomized.

Each turn a player is on a tile with the force field, they will lose 1 HP. A round has 8 turns, so a player can potentially lose 8 HPs during the round if they don't move off the force field.


For most terrain, movement can occur over them and weapons can be shot through them. There is no difference in movement speed. Loot can be found on any tile that can be moved onto. Below are some special terrains.

Ocean: Movement cannot occur over these tiles.

Lake: Movement cannot occur over these tiles.

Mountain: Movement cannot occur over these tiles. Additionally, weapons cannot be shot through them.

Building: Any variation of a building tile has a higher chance of containing loot at the start of the game.